Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds are a common injury that can happen any time of year.  A puncture wound is an injury where a person in impaled by an object that penetrates the skin.  The most common part of the body where a puncture wound occurs is the foot, often from stepping on an object.  Several common types of objects that are seen causing a puncture wound are nails, toothpicks, hay or straw, a blade of grass, or a thorn from a tree or bush.

The skin is a tough organ of the body that resists punctures fairly well, and the immune system has its baseline of defenses set up in the dermis or innermost layer of skin.  Infection fighting cells are adept at fighting bacteria and bleeding often occurs to flush out the wound and bring these cells to the surface.  Often the object entering the body is broken off or left inside as a foreign body.  If not removed, this becomes a nidus of infection, which will cause redness, swelling, drainage, and extreme pain.

If you have stepped on something which has caused a puncture wound, seek medical help immediately.  The wound should be thoroughly cleansed and inspected by a medical professional to evaluate for a possible foreign body.  For more information on a better outcome for you, contact Advanced Podiatry in Oklahoma City at 405.285.5523, or visit www.advancedpodiatryokc.com.  We’re your foot and ankle solutions experts!  Are you Advanced?